Med School Analysts Search For Cause in Student Death

The sudden death Tuesday morning of 20 year-old Walter A. Pollano '50 in his Adams F-21 room is still very much "under investigation," Cambridge Medical Examiner David C. Dow announced, last night. Unsatisfied with Tuesday night's autopsy, Dow yesterday morning turned certain tissues over to the Medical School's Department of Criminal Medicine for critical analysis.

Apparent lack of specific information on the cause for Pollano's death both among University and local officials has prompted Boston papers to play up the incident as a "mystery death." Dr. Arlie V. Bock, director of the Hygiene Department, last night expressed the opinion that the entire affair was being unnecessarily exaggerated and that conjectures of suicide and foul play were completely unfounded by fact.

Dow explained that he was continuing the medical examination to clear up several loose ends, but other than that he would make no definite statement. At present, most widely felt medical opinion is that some form of elusive accidental poisoning was responsible.

Was Hard Worker

Pollano was discovered at 1:40 p.m. by his roommate, Anthony G. Scott '50, who tried to arouse him from bed. Earlier that morning, Pollano and Scott had concluded an extensive study session and Pollano had gone to sleep up before an examination. The body was pronounced dead by Dr. Leon Ryack of the Hygiene Department, and according to law, Dow was immediately summoned. He has been in complete charge of the case since then.

A steady worker, Pollano had never reported any previous medical ailments, and his mother said that except for over-work, he appeared to be in good physical condition while at home in Lawrence over Christmas vacation. At the time of his death, Pollano was on rank list two, and was preparing for a career in medicine.

Funeral services will be held in Lawrence Saturday morning at 10 o'clock in the Holy Rose Church.