Union to Reopen Old Pool Parlor

Yardling sportsmen will feel right at home in the new Union game room next term, Ira Peterman '52, chairman of the Union Committee announced last night.

One billiard and four pool tables will be installed in the newly painted second floor room. Several animal heads on the walls will watch the snooker players in their new surroundings.

Esthetic freshmen haven't been slighted in the new plans, Peterman pointed out. Professor John P. Coolidge '35, of the Fogg Art Museum helped with the remodeling by lending ten contemporary American watercolor paintings for the main Common Room. Also a new Steinway grand piano will be moved into the Upper Common Room.

The committee is now planning further expansion of Union amusement facilities, Peterman said. The changes will be announced in February.

Large scale work on the old Union library has been temporarily shelved, he stated, because renovations would mean major rebuilding. This work will probably be done this summer.