Kluckhohn, Wright Join Salzburg Seminar Faculty

Professors Clyde K. M. Kluckhohn, professor of Anthropology and director of the Russian Research Center, and Benjamin F. Wright, professor of Government and president-elect of Smith College, will be on the faculty of the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies during the coming summer, the Student Council announced last night.

Florence R. Kluckhohn, lecturer in Sociology, will complete the University faculty delegation at the Student Concil sponsored Seminar, which will be held for the third summer in a row at Schloss Leopoldskron. It will extend from July 17 to August 27 and will have 12 instructors in all from the United States.

The Kluckhohns will handle courses in Anthropology at Salzburg, while Wright will lecture on the development of the American Constitution and Constitutional law.

Won Prize

"To the Foot of the Rainbow" and "Mirror for Man" are the best known books by Kluckhohn, the latter having won the $10,000 prize offered by Science Illustrated and Whittlesley House for the best scientific book for the layman.

Wright, who will be spending his second summer at Salzburg, has been Chairman of the Committee on General Education since 1946 and was one of the authors of the report, "General Education in a Free Society."

Dexter Perkins, chairman of the History Department at the University of Rochester, will teach American foreign policy in the twentieth century at the Seminar. He is the author of numerous books on American diplomatic history, and in 1945-46 was the first professor in the field at Cambridge University, England.

Composer David Diamond will teach a seminar on American music. He has written four symphonies and other orchestral works as well as chamber music. He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Julliard Publication Award, the Pederewski Prize, and the Prize of the American Academy in Rome.

Finch Heads Project

Courses in American literature will be led by Professors John Finch and Hume Vance of Dartmouth, and Daniel Aaron of Smith. Finch, executive director of the Seminar, will lecture on major American prose writers, and lead a seminar on modern American theater.