Mass. Is Tops In University Registration

Massachusetts and New York are the only two states in the nation to send men to Harvard in quantity. The Bay State accounts for 3599 and New York has registered 2107 students.

This information was released by the Registrar's Office yesterday, which has spent several months sorting cards and compiling long columns of statistics.

In all there are 11,808 future alumni living at the University. 620 of them come from abroad. Canada leads the world in sending men to Cambridge with its 120, and the figures dwindle down to a mere one for nations like Sierra Leone and Iceland.

Three Thousand

Massachusetts' three odd thousand compose nearly one third of the entire student body and the Empire State accounts for a quarter. The midwest sends definitely fewer students. It makes up little more than one tenth of the University population.

The fruitful sources of Harvard men are in the East. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut send almost 400 or 500 men between them, and the admissions office also draws upon Ohio, California, and Illinois for a similar number of future alumni.