Five Students, 10 Instructors Will Gain Fellowships

Announcement of the award of five fellowships for study and travel abroad was made by University Hall Saturday. At the same time, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced that ten members of the Faculty were among those to receive its awards this year.

As recipient of the Lionel de Jersey Harvard Studentship, David E. McGiffert '49 of Chicago will study for a year at Cambridge University in England.

Travel Award

The Frederick Sheldon Prize Fellowships provide for travel rather than formal study. They have been won by John M. Teem '50 of Springfield, Missouri and David G. Hughes '47 of Westport, Connecticut.

Daniel B. Ray '49 of Brooklyn, New York won the Henry Russell Shaw Fellowship, which was created to enable a graduate who showed a promise of success in a professional or business career to travel in Europe.

David F. Wheeler '47 of Cambridge will study in a French University under the terms of the Clifford Tower Fellowship which he won.

Guggenheims for Faculty

Faculty members who won Guggenheim fellowships are Wendel H. Furry, associate professor of Physics; Calude A. Villee, Jr., associate in Biological Chemistry at the Medical School; George E. Erikson, instructor in Anatomy at the Medical School; Bernice G. Schubert, instructor in Botany; Richard D. Ellman, assistant professor of English Composition; Jean-Joseph Seznec, professor of French and Spanish; Edgar B. Wilson, Jr., professor of Chemistry; George W. Mackey, associate professor of Mathematics; Albert B. Lord, teaching fellow in Slavic; and Morton G. White, assistant professor of Philosophy.