'52 Lacrosse Team to Open Against Mt. Hermon Today

A depleted freshman lacrosse outfit will play its first game of the season with Mount Hermen School today at Northfield.

Coach Dick Meryman started workouts last February with a large group of strong prospects, but injuries and probation have left the team in a weaker state than the original material would have indicated.

Starting at attack position tomorrow will be stickmen Ned Yost, George Bender, and Bob Baldwin. Yost will be playing the crease. Defensemen will be Bill Spence, Ned Maroony, and Stan Brager, while Dick Thomas and Dunk McCullum will alternate as goalie. Rip Lynch, who was supposed to start as one of the midfielders, is out with injuries. The two midfielders definitely starting are Al Sawyer and Pete Brookes.

Coach Meryman doesn't know who will fill the hole at midfield. He said yesterday his second midfield men are suffering from charlie-horses.

The team's outlooks are not all bad, though. They were in their present state of weakness last Thursday when they played the varsity, and they managed to hold the big, experienced team down to nine points while gaining five for themselves. The hopes for today's game rest with the attackmen, as they did in the game with the varsity.