David Report Asks for Less Commercialism in Business

Businessmen and the Business School must concentrate on more than earning the all-mighty dollar to fulfill social obligations, Donald K. David Dean of the Business School said in a report to President Conant released to the public today.

The annual report listed three key responsibilities which rest on the modern businessman: competent business management, making his business a "good society," and being himself a participant in the affairs of the community.

To best prepare its students to fulfill these responsibilities the Business School tries to develop four characteristics in its men, the report went on 1.) The ability to work with people, 2.) The ability to make sound decisions in the light of available facts and under pressures of time, 3.) the ability to draw upon a fund of knowledge and 4.) the capacity to integrate those three abilities.

Need Means to Train

Demand for specialization in many businesses today presents the Business School with the problem of finding means to train students in specialties of business "without becoming entrapped by it." David Noted.

The report included a plea for an additional $5,000,000 endowment to meet annual deficits and to finance a new class-room building, and a new student building to provide central dining.