Graduate Schools Will Admit 2028 Out of 8087 Applicants

Only one-fourth of the students applying for admission to Harvard graduate schools will be accepted for study next year, according to figures received yesterday from the admissions offices of the ten schools.

Combined totals show that approximately 8087 applications have been received at the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Dental, Medicine, Design, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Public Administration for about 2028 openings.

The ratio of acceptances to applications is much better than one to four at most of the schools. The Divinity School is the most benevolent with acceptances, taking up to 25 of its 30 applicants, or 83 percent. At the bottom of the list is the Medical School, which is taking only 5.7 percent of its 1876 applicants.

Busy School, GSAS Most Popular

The two most popular graduate schools, Business Administration and Arts and Sciences, both are able to admit about 30 percent of their hopefuls. The GSAS has received over two thousand application forms so far, of which about 600 will be accepted and 400 registered. The Business School has some 2100 applicants seeking the 600 acceptance letters which will be sent out.


The Law School has already accepted 525 of the 550 students it plans to admit from the crowd of 1276 aspirants. This 43 percent average shows that the Law, School is not so hard pressed as its smaller neighbor, the School of Public Administration, which plans to take only about 25 of the 150 people applying for it.

The Graduate School of Education is accepting the second highest percentage of applicants. It will take about 150, and so far it has received only 200 applications, thus making a percentage of 75.

The Dental School will take 15 of 150; the School of Design 73 of 205.