C.C.N.Y. Drops 2 Y.P.A. Units for Rules Infractions

Young Progressives of America chapters at both the uptown and downtown branches of City College of New York have been suspended in the last month.

At the uptown branch, Y.P.A. received on April 26 a two-week suspension from the Faculty Student Committee on Student Activities, because the undergraduate group had violated a rule requiring it to submit all leaflets to the student council and the Department of Student Life before distribution.

'Prior Censorship'

Y.P.A. said it had put out its pamphlet in defiance of the rule, which it branded "prior censorship." Dean James Peace stated that leaflet material must not contain facts that cannot be substantiated, poor English or obscene language, opinion labelled as fact, or libel. "This does not constitute prior censorship," he said. The suspension has been lifted.

At the downtown branch, Y.P.A. was indefinitely suspended on May 19, for 1) not submitting leaflets in advance; 2) not giving advance notice about an "open meeting," at which Miss Jessica Smith, editor of Soviet Russia Today, spoke; and 3) violating the rule prohibiting solicitations on campus.

Rule Not Enforced

Y.P.A. has charged, on the second point, that the administration had not enforced the rule for a year and a half. But Dean Alton Lewis told the CRIMSON that the Y.P.A. has confused "closed meetings," for which no approval has been required, with "open meetings," such as the Y.P.A. meeting.

On the third point, Y.P.A. charges it did not actively solicit money for a civil rights case, but merely permitted persons to sign for contributions. The administration says that it considers the more collection of money to be solicitation.

Dean Lewis said that the suspension will be lifted when the Y.P.A. promises to obey the regulations it is charged with violating.