Communist Grad Student Freistadt Fired from UNC Teaching Position

Two weeks ago, Hans Freistadt was just another one of hundreds of graduate students doing research in nuclear physics. Upon the recommendation of the National Research Council, he had received a $1.600 government fellowship.

Then on May 12, Congressman W. Sterling Cole of New York charged that Freistadt was a Communist. Called before a congressional committee, Freistadt admitted the charge. The Atomic Energy Commission explained that there was no "loyalty check" of fellowship applicants unless restricted data were involved.

Freistadt had been recommended by Professor R. R. Wright of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and Professors Nathan Rosen and W. A. Bowers of the University of North Carolina.

On Tuesday, May 24, the University of North Carolina removed Freistadt from his part-time teaching job. Comptroller W. D. Carmichael. Jr. told the U.N.C. trustees, "We frankly don't want Communists on this campus any more than you do. If we can't keep the Communists out, you had better get rid of us and get someone who can keep them out."