Classes Select 7 Councilmen From 40 Candidates Today


Robert E. Tomasello of Dudley Hall--Jubilee Committee, Treasurer, Class Committee, Crimson Key Society, Dudley Hall House Committee, Harvard Catholic Club, House football, House hockey, Freshman football. Thomas Weesner of Lowell House--National Scholarship and a Pepsi-Cola Scholarship holder, RYRC, business staff of the Lowell House opera, House play, a House agent for the sale of NSA purchase cards, Union Debate Council. Miles I. Levine of Lowell House Business Manager of 1951 Freshman Red Book, House Dance Committee. James P. Johnson of Kirkland House Freshman soccer, Varsity soccer. Kirkland House Committee, House athletics, PBH, Outing Club, and the D.P. Drive. Mitchell T. Rabkin of Dunster House--Photography editor, '51 Freshman Red Book, Member, Harvard Radio Network. Bruce LaSaia of Winthrop House--1951 Jubilee Committee, Student Council Fund Drives, World Student Service Fund, Sophomore Nominating Committee. Bradley Richardson of Winthrop House--'51 Class Committee, Outing Club, HYRC. Carl D. Bottenfield of Kirkland House--Freshman Jubilee, Crimson Key, Freshman football, Class Committee. Roy M. Goodman of Eliot House--Student Council, Crimson Editorial Board, Secretary of 1951 Jubilee Committee, Freshman Dance Committee, Union Dance Committee, Glee Club. Jeffff Watkins of Lowell House--Editor of PBH Entertainment Guide, PBH Cabinet, Activities Editor of Red Book, Jubilee Committee, House sports. Edward Foote of Kirkland House--Freshman Dance Committee, Freshman Debate Council, Student Council 1948-49, Editor of Council Activities Bulletin. Thomas A. Unverferth of Leverett House--Band, House basketball, manager of House tennis, PBH clothing drive House chairman, Glee club-freshman year House D.P. Drive. John "Til" Hazel of Kirkland House-- Chairman Jubilee Committee, '61 Representative to Coop Board, House Committee, Deacon's Testament, Student Council Committees on Freshman Affairs, Red Book and NSA elections. Roger V. Pugh, Jr. of Eliot House--Eliot House Committee, PBH. Robert L. Lasky of Dunster House--House Committee, Co-Chairman House Dance Committee, College Social Affairs Committee, College Chairman of solicitation for NSA Purchase Card Drive, intra-mural basket-ball, PBH European relief drive.


William L. Curwen of Winthrop House --Chairman, Winthrop House Committee, Varsity crew, '48, '49. William Lewis Alden of Leverett House--Founder, First President of Veritas (now Ivy) Films, Co-producer of "A Touch of the Times," Leverett House Committee, House foot-ball team '46, '47, '48, House swimming team '46, House track team '48, HYRC '47, HYC '46, Collector in D.P. Student drive, European Food Relief, Harvard Combined Charities. James F. Hornig of Winthrop House--Freshman Union Committee, Vice Chairman of Student Council Special Committee on Education, Co-author of the Committee's report: Harvard Education 1948, The Student's View, Combined Charities Drive. Edward Farley Burke of Winthrop House--Harvard Student Council 1947-48, 1948-49, Secretary Harvard Student Council 1948-49, Harvard Debate Council, Treasurer 1947-1949, PBH Speakers & Entertainers Committee, Student Council, Member of PBH Cabinet, member Joint University Council 1947-1948. Hale M. Knight of Winthrop House--Co-chairman, General Education Committee, Student Council, Co-chairman Student Council Education Committee, President, Harvard Rifle Club, Varsity Rifle Team, House Football. S. William Green of Lowell House--'50 Red Book staff, '48 Album staff, Debate Council, managing editor, the CRIMSON. Frederic D. Houghteling of Loverett House--Student Council 1948-49, Chairman of Extra-Curricular Committee, NSA delegate, member, NSA Constitution Committee, Summer 1947, now Regional Treasurer and member National Executive Committee of NSA, Harvard Liberal Union (formerly President), member National Board of SDA, member, Harvard A.V.C., Debate Council, World Federalists. Henry G. Garten of Dudley Hall--House Committee Chairman, Council Subcommittee--Class of 1949 Elections, House athletics, Dance Chairman of Catholic Club. John T. Coan, Jr., of Kirkland House--Pre-Medical Society, Varsity Club, Dance Committee 1948, Varsity football 1945 and 1948, Varsity hockey 1945-46, Social Relations Society.



Richard M. Sandler of Mathews Hall--PBH, Brooks House Committee, Fall Blood Drive, Clothing Drive, Co-Chairman Spring Blood Drive. Jack Willis of Mathews Hall--National Scholarship Holder, Caisson Club Dance Committee. Albert J. Klingel, Jr., of Holworthy Hall --Debate Council, PBH Blood Drive Worker. Harvard Young Republican Club, Free Enterprise Society. William Holden of Thayer Hall--Freshman 150 lb. crew, Freshman track. Charles Nelson, Holworthy Hall--Freshman football, PBH social work at Cambridge Community Center, Freshman track, Natl. Scholarship holder. John G. Morey of Mower Hall--1952 Smoker Committee, Debate Council. Richard T. Button of Masachusetts Hall. Harvard Varsity Club, Competitive skating. Harvey Robinson of Hollis Hall--Union Committee, Chairman, Union Dance Committee, "D.P. Special" Dance Committee, College Social Affairs Committee. Robert B. Thompson of Claverly Hall--Freshman football, Freshman basketball, Harvard Young Republican Club, PBH. Chase N. Peterson of Thayer Hall--National Scholarship Holder, Student Council Representative from Union Committee, Squash team, Election Committee for Smoker and Jubilee, Union Committee, Freshman D. P. Committee, Tennis team. Peter Goasels of Holworthy Hall. Ben Macdonald of Mathews Hall--Secretary of Union Committee, Election Committee for Smoker and Jubilee, Freshman D.P. Committee, Intramural swimming, Red Book Circulation Staff. Ted Cron of Dudley Hall--Young Progressives of Harvard, Student Entertainment. David Fine of Weld Hall. Daniel Peck of Stoughton Hall--PBH, Union Recreation Committee, A. Holmes Fetherolf of Thayer Hall --Circulation Board, Redbook, Treasurer, '52 Smoker Committee, Intramural basketball, softball.

The theory about the preferential ballot is that you vote for as many people as you want. Contrary to expectation, a fourth or even fifth or sixth vote may mean something in a close election, and there is no reason to think that today's elections won't be close.

In order not to let the preferential ballot cheat you out of your franchise vote for as many men as you want.