Half of Summer Work Applicants Placed, Says Holt

Approximately 50 percent of summer job seekers who have applied with the Office of Student Employment for vacation work have been placed, John W. Holt, director of the office, said yesterday.

Holt hastened to point out, however, that nearly every student who came to his Weld Hall office had been offered some kind of job. Half of them, however, vacillated about the opportunities extended them for reasons of salary or hope of a more pleasant job, Holt explained.

Placement in hotels has been cut down this year, Holt said, because examinations extend well into the beginning of the resort season. Fewer tutor companion jobs seem to be available and positions as travelling tutors are almost non-existent.

Geography Problem

A special effort has been made this season to provide jobs for students living away from the New England area, Holt stated. However such employment is still rare because Holt is reluctant to deal with firms on any basis other than personal.


More students have been trying to get work through the Employment Office this year than at any other time in his experience, Holt said.

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