Mulvihill Now Salaried Head Of Employees

Law School Watchman Resigns To Take Position as Salaried Chief of Employees Union

Daniel G. Mulvihill, 66, president of the Harvard University Employees Representative Association, will resign his post as watchman and proctor at the Law School to guide the Association on a salaried basis.

Seven-hundred and sixty-five members of the employees union marched to the polls yesterday to affirm, 464 to 301, amendments to their by-laws and constitution that in effect elevate Mulvihill to salaried status and require his resignation as employee of the University.

20 Years of Service

Mulvihill, who has served 20 years at the Law School, has been president without pay of the Employees Association since 1941. He was re-elected early this year. He would have been eligible for retirement July 1.

Balloting was held from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. yesterday at Holden Chapel, chase Hall, Vanderbilt Hall and the Arboretum at Dedham in order that the 1000 members of the Association could cast their votes.


The movement to maintain Mulvihill in office on a salary began two weeks ago and received an affirmative 9 to 3 vote by the Association's executive board before coming up before the membership for approval.

Mulvilhill stated last night that "I will continue to negotiate (with the University) as I did before--which means hard but fair. There are many improvements to be made by the cooperation of the union and the University."

He added that the University has in the past "been cooperative," but admitted that "at times, we needed to do a lot of persuading."

No Trouble

"I have some very definite plans," he went on, but would not reveal what they are. "I anticipate no trouble whatever with the University," he said.

The amendment passed yesterday calls for an increase of union members' dues from three to six dollars a year to pay for the new salaried president.

Mulvihill, who resides at 12 Dana Road, Belmont, has three children, all married.