Bingham Overhauls Athletic Award Program

Participation in Yale Game Eliminated as 'H' Award Requisite

Fifty years of athletic tradition went out the window yesterday when HAA director William J. Bingham '16 announced the adoption of a comprehensive new letter award system, a system which would make it possible for Harvard athletes to win 'H's" without competing in the Yale game.

Almost without exception, the new basis for letter giving is based on participation in a certain percentage of the scheduled games, or on a minimum number of minutes spent in intercollegiate competition during a season.

However, greater than average emphasis on the Yale contest will not be completely abandoned. Henceforth, Yale games will be counted in most sports as equal to participation in two games, and in others as twice the number of minutes or innings played.

Letters may still be awarded, in special cases, on the recommendation of both the captain and coach of the team.

In one instance, the 150 pound jayvee crew, awards will now be made where no recognition had been given before. Members of this crew who are not seniors or two years veterans (who receive minor H's) will now receive major crew numerals.


In every case, it is now easier for freshmen to obtain numerals than for varsity competitors to get H's, for the HAA requires participation in a smaller percentage of games, and a lower total of playing time for freshman sports awards.

A sport by sport resume of the new system follows:

Major Sports

Baseball--A major H will be awarded to each varsity player who play in 25 percent of the innings in regularly scheduled games. Playoff games will be considered as regularly scheduled, and Yale games count double.

Freshman Baseball--Major numerals will be awarded under the same conditions as varsity letters.

Basketball--A major H will be awarded to each man who plays 80 minutes in Eastern Intercollegiate League play.

Freshman Basketball--Major numerals will be awarded under the same conditions as varsity letters.

Crew--Participation in the E.A.R.C. regatta gives the varsity crew a major H, and a jayvee winning crew also gets a major II, otherwise a minor H. Participation in the E.A.R.C. regatta gives the varsity 150 1b. crew a minor H, and a winning jayvee 150 1b. crew also a minor H. Otherwise, the 150 jayvee gets major numerals.

Freshman Crew--E.A.R.C. participation gets freshman heavies major numerals, and freshman 150's minor numerals.

Football--Major H is awarded to each varsity player who has 60 minutes of game time. Men having loss varsity game time will receive minor H's. Jayvee players who have played the equivalent of eight minutes in each scheduled game receive minor H's.

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