20 Educators Get Posts in Grad School

Dean-Keppel of the Graduate School of Education last night announced 20 appointments to the teaching and research staff of the School of Education, adding personnel to seven areas of the School's work as well as to the new Laboratory of Human Development.


Homer W. Anderson, lecturer on Education. Formerly Superintendent of Schools of Newton and President of the American Association of School Administrators.

Donald W. Diehl, research fellow in Education.


Hubert C. Armstrong, lecturer on Education. Former Director of Research, Civil Information and Education Section, Tokyo, and Adviser to the Korean Minister of Education.

Judson T. Shaplin '41, teaching fellow. Assistant to the Dean and Registrar. Formerly Assistant Dean of the College and teaching fellow in Social Relations.

David V. Tiedeman, instructor in Education.

History and Philosophy of Education:

S. Willis Rudy, instructor in Education. Former History instructor at the City College of New York.

John Wendon, instructor in Education.

Language and Communications:

Ruth C. Motacalf, John B. Wight '32, Hugo Kern, and Otma Sprah, research assistants in Education.

Measurement and Statistics:

John B. Carroll, assistant professor of Education. Former psychologist in the Adjutant General's Office, War Department.