Unions Select 16 for Labor Studies Here

Leaders Chosen for Services, Ability, Will Take Courses in Administration, Management

Names of 16 Labor Fellows, chosen by their unions to study here under the Trade Union Fellowship Program, were announced last night by the University. Selected on the basis of leadership and devotion to the labor movement, the men will take a series of courses for 13 weeks, financed jointly by the University and by the unions.

The Fellowship program, begun in 1942 under the auspices of the Graduate School of Business Administration, Littauer School of Public Administration, and the Department of Economics, is designed to give union, leaders a better understanding of management-labor relations and to provide them with executive training.

Besides taking courses in labor law, collective bargaining, accounting, and human relations, the Fellows will attend a number of seminars with labor, management, and government leaders. A series of weekly and evening dinners is also part of the program.

Labor and management will meet outside the classroom as well, since the Fellows will live in dormitories of the School of Business Administration along with executives now attending the Advanced Management Program there.

Proven Ability

Under the Union Fellowship Program men selected do not have to meet scholastic requirements; men are picked on the basis of their proven ability in serving labor. In the past formal education of men in attendance has ranged from grade school through college.

Among this year's Fellows will be Thomas W. Danner of North Carolina, Joseph A. DeVincentis of Somerville, Robert J. Hall of Franklin Park, Illinois, and Alexis E. Laster of El Monte, California.

Also selected were John E. Mara of Wellesly Hills, Jerry N. Markham of Savannah, Georgia Sam Masarachia of Indianapolis, Indiana, Frank J. Morrison of Jersey City, New Jersey, Harry, B. Morrison of Morristown, New Jersey, and Lloyd Carrol Murdock of Ogden Utah.

James M. Rutland of Shefield Alabama, Russel L. Schroeder of Cleveland, John J. Stuart of Brighton, Daniel J. Sullivan of Lawrence, John J. Wickham of Wellesley Hills, and James A. Wright of Louisville, were also named.