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A Change of Scene


Commencement last June should not have meant the end of House associations for those seniors who are now doing graduate work at the University. These men ought to be able to see their friends who are still living in the Houses.

An inter-House system between the Houses and the Harkness Commons would be a simple way to link the College and the six Cambridge graduate schools. Also, graduate students who are new to Cambridge would get a chance to sample College life, while undergraduates could eat in new surroundings.

To prevent overcrowding, a quota system would probably have to be set up so that an equal number were allowed to go to the Houses as went to the Harkness Commons. The only complaint voiced so far about the plan is the amount of extra accounting involved, but as all dining halls are run by a central University department, this objection is not strong enough to block the program.

The Housemasters and the graduate school deans should meet soon to approve this extension of inter-House so that mingling of men in the different parts of the University will continue to increase.

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