Grad Parietal Rules Are Revised; House Petitions Get 2000 Signers

Housemaster Meeting, Slated for Tonight, Will Be Postponed

The chairman of the parietal rules petition drive claimed almost 2,000 signatures from House members last night on the petition which asks for an extension of the deadline on entertaining women until 12 midnight on Saturday nights.

At the same time, Henry M. Silviera, Jr. '51, Student Council president, said that a meeting of Housemasters which was to have taken up the parietal rules question today has been postponed due to lack of a quorum. That meeting was called to consider a measure sponsored by the chairmen of the House committees which would extend the deadline to 12 midnight on the Dartmouth and Yale weekends only.

Leonard J. Friedman '51 and John M. Goldstone '51, co-chairmen of the petition drive, plan to offer their petition to the Housemasters.