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Membership lists of student organizations are never released beyond University circles without a court order, contrary to the fears of the John Reed Club, Associate Dean Watson explained yesterday.

Watson added that in the four years he has been in his present office, he has ever received a court order for a membership list, though Federal Bureau of Investigation and Army Intelligence men have requested membership lists on several occasions.

"Invariably the F.B.J. or Army understand our position," Watson said.

Arthur J. Sockel '51, a spokesman for the J.R.C. said Sunday that " . . . the time may not be far off when the Government will require colleges to turn over the membership lists of all political organizations . . . (and) we are unwilling to jeopardize the futures of our members by submitting their names to the Dean's office."

In the event of a new federal law requiring the surrender of membership lists, his office would of course have to comply, Watson said.

Though it will not function as an official University organization for fear of eventual government retaliation, the J.R.C. will continue to function actively, Sockel said.

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