Egg in Your Beer

Tough But Oh So Gentle

The Varsity Club not only provided a large number of its faithful with an edible portion of roast beef (Flanked by french fries and lime beans). Friday night last, but also came within a G-string of presenting an exhibition on the violin by Phil Isenberg. Isenberg, who specializes in punching people's faces off in the winter and racking up enemy ball-carriers in the autumn, was to have accompanied Rex Johnson, but the tunes which Isenberg and Johnson had came prepared to render were not one. Johnson sang a number popular in 1890, after the football team of that season had defeated Yale for the first time in 14 years. Isenberg removed his violin from its case, only to discover that the melody Johnson was working on was not "Tura lura lura."

Aside from the musical histrionics, there were more significant developments. It seemed gratifying that on the eve of Harvard's worst defeat ever on the football field a group of alumni should gather together and give vigorous "there times three" cheers for Lloyd Jordan and Isenberg, and Harvard football in general.

The Club has appointed Tim Russell, a former College football player of fairly recent vintage, to head its staff now at work trying to locate young men of scholastic and athletic prowess and convincing such persons that Harvard is the place for them. Russell will work in close cooperation with Jordan; his is a noble and encouraging undertaking.