City Council Ends Red Bill; 'Reducators' Documents Dies

F.B.I. Denies Investigating Harvard

The "Reducators' list--which names 68 faculty members as "Communists, Communist-sympathizers, or fellow-travelers"--died a quiet death yesterday in the hands of the City Solicitor. And at the same time, Joseph E. Thornton, Federal Bureau of Investigation chief in New England, announced that the "F.B.I. is not making and has not made an investigation of the subject of alleged subversive activities at Harvard."

City Councillor John D. Lynch, who said Thursday that the F.B.I. was investigating Harvard, did not comment yesterday on the lack of F.B.I. investigation. He did say, however, that he thought the Federal Government fully capable of "dealing with the situation."

Tangled In Red Taps

The "Reducators" manuscript, meanwhile, has become wrapped in legal red tape and Councillors believe it is doubtful that the question will be brought up again.

Two things prevent City Solicitor John Daly from giving his opinion on the document before the Council. First, there is a statement in the list which prevents its re-publication in the entirety without the written consent of the publisher, the National Council for American Education.


This permission has not yet arrived and it is doubtful that it will. Secondly, the legal opinion on the case is necessarily delayed because of the complexity of the issue. If the City Solicitor's opinion as to whether the list can be read into the Council minutes is inaccurate, the City will be open to libel.

End Future Bills

City Hall officials believe that the Solicitor would report adversely on the list anyway, and thereby end any future legislation on it.

Adding to Thornton's statement, F.B.I. Special Agent Gordon stated that "over a period of years, there have been claims that the F.B.I. was making an investigation at Harvard. But if the matter is investigated carefully, it will be seen that these claims have been entirely unfounded."

Councillor Lynch, who has been continually advocating Communist control legislation, said that his bill which the City Council passed two weeks ago by a 7 to 2 vote will be superseded by the current Congressional legislation. Lynch's bill required the registration of every Cambridge Communist with the Chief of Police. The Councillor said yesterday that he will not press this bill any further. It, too, is now awaiting an opinion from the City Solicitor.