Passing Emphasized In Varsity Drill

Squad in Good Shape For Opener; Duback Shifted to Varsity

Passing drill featured yesterday's workout as the varsity football squad began the final week's practice for the season opener with Columbia this Saturday.

Following the nenal Monday schedule there was no full scrimmage, but Norm Shepard brought his jayvees into the varsity enclosure to simulate the Columbia passing attack.

Jayvecs Bill Kierstead, sophomore southpaw, and Ed Finney threw the ball against two defensive combination set up by Coach Jordan. Meanwhile, varsity quarterbacks Cal Lowenstoin and Gil O'Neil operated the offensive passing units.

First Defense

The first pass defense lined up with Dike Hyde and Stan Britton at the ends; Tom Ossman and Buddy Lemay as backers-up, Dave Warden and Dusty Burke as halfbacks, and Warren Wylie at safety.


Dick Duback, six foot sophomore, was moved up from Shepard's squad to play safety on the second defensive backfield. Also running with this unit were ends Hank Rate and Paul Crowley, backers-up Phil Isenberg and Paul O'Brien, and halfbacks Hardy Cox and Bob Ray.

The three men who will do the punting in the Stadium Saturday, Cal Lowenatein, Bob Ray, and Gil O'Neil showed up early to boot the ball. Lowenstein concentrated on low angle kicks out of bounds.

Emmons, Rosenau Kick

George Emmons worked out between the 29 and 30 yard lines before practice, kicking field goals through the uprights. Bill Rosenau, who made both conversions in the Boston University scrimmage, also booted field goals as well as placements.

Two veterans of the Valpey elevens, Rocky Stone and Hal Moffie, showed up for practice--strictly for a look-see. After watching the squad jog through several wind sprints, Moffie remarked that the team looked in better physical shape than any recent Harvard eleven.

Last year's squad had its entire season against Stanford.