Booters Face Haverford Here Today

Unchanged Lineup to Face Strong Quaker Aggregation at Noon

Bruce Munro's booters encounter Haverford at noon today on the Business School field in what will be an important test for the Crimson. Haverford is always one of the top teams in the middle Atlantic states, and if the soccer team can take this one the chances for a really good season (against strong teams like Penn, Springfield, and Connectient) will be greatly increased.

With Pantalooni and Golstein still missing from the line up. Munro will field the same team that best Tufts last Saturday, 3 to 6. This outfit has been playing together much of this week in practice and showing improved passing and team play. Fortified by a Varsity Club steak breakfast and playing their second straight game on home soil, the Crimson should be up for this one.

Important to watch during the afternoon will be how well the Harvard defense can contain the all-American left side of the Haverford line. Co-captain Paul Shipley at inside left and Arnie Jones at left wing, as well as left fullback Karl Spaeth, form the nucleus of the Haverford team which has a 1 and 1 record so far this season.

Craven Is Goalie

Setting up the Crimson defense again from the goal will be Dick Craven, who split last week's net-minding duties with Don Harshman. Sophomores Charlie Ufford and Ben Florin will again form the fullback line, having both turned in excellent jobs against Tufts last week.

Dick Miller, Bob Harding, and Dana Getchell will again hold down the three halfback slots with Larry Leonard again slated for heavy reserve duty.

The same forward line (left to right) of Berk Johnson, Captain Ted Wolf, Charlie Weiss, and Latsi Berger that produced three goals last week will be in there today.