2 Students Are Fined for Their Part in Square Riot

Two Harvard students, Luke V. Lockwood '53 and Werner F. Furth '52, wore fined $10 and $5 respectively in East Cambridge District Court this morning for their past in last night's riot in the Square.

Eight other Harvard men and two visitors from Yale, who were also picked up by police during last night's excitement, had their cases put on file.

Lockwood was fined $5 for drunkenness and $5 for disturbing the peace.

According to Cambridge police, he pushed a policeman into the path of an oncoming bus. Furth's fine was for disturbing the peace; the drunkenness charge against him was filed.

The defendants were laughing and joshing in court, and Judge Arthur P. Stone '92 rebuked them for their attitude. "This is no laughing matter," he said.

The riot started at 11:10 p.m. last night outside Cronin's and was termed the biggest Square disturbance since the war by Cambridge police. According to University police chief Alvin R. Randall, it made last year's Princeton fracas look like "peanuts."

About 3,500 students joined in the two-hour riot, which was finally squelched by police efforts and a light rain.

Meanwhile, to thousands of other students, Saturday morning was anti-climatic. People stretched, rolled out of bed, turned to each other and said, 'who the hell are you?"

The stadium started to fill about 12:45 p.m. as people hurried across the bridge to watch the band come in. Gale winds fortold the weather bureau's prediction of heavy rain, followed by snow, and 40,000 customers huddled together in the stadium.

Western Union reported an unusual number of sad telegrams and the winds made it tough on the "hot roasted peanuts." The early season small bottle was replaced by the larger size as liquor sales gurgled ahead. It was, as one local merchant put it, "a fairly rewarding day."

Earlier today, in a pre-game ceremony in front of the Dillon Field House, a plaque was dedicated to Hunnington R. "Tack" Hardwick '15, great football player of the 1915 era. The dedication was preceded by a luncheon at the varsity club.