Harkness Trophy Still Not Found; Thieves Unknown

It is now two weeks since Yale authorities announced the disappearance of the Edward S. Harkness Trophy. This silver cup, emblematic of the Harvard-Yale intramural championship, was stole from the Yale Trophy room and as yet it has not been found.

The prize has been in existance for sixteen years, but it is one about which very little is known at either Harvard or Yale.

Each year the Harvard House Champions meet the Yale College Champions in football, touch football, basketball, hockey, squash, swimming, baseball, golf, rowing, and tennis. To the winner of the majority of these House-College championship contest goes the Harkness Trophy.

Since the ten contest were divided evenly between Harvard and Yale the Trophy should now reside in the Houses that helped to bring about the deadlock.

The tie that the Harvard House gained last year marked the fist time since the war that the Eli's did not gain the Trophy outright. Except for the years 1943 through 1946 when there was no competition, Harvard has won the Cup only once, in 1942 when the Crimson triumphed in seven of the nine contests. Including last year, the series has ended in a tie three times. In the eleven years of actual competition, Yale colleges have won 56 contests, Harvard Houses 41 and there was one tie.