Perry Has 90th Birthday Today In Good Health

Bliss Perry, Higginson Professor of English Literature emeritus, celebrates his 90th birthday today at his home in Milton.

Perry, who retired in 1930 after 23 years at the University, was one member of the famed literature-teaching which also included Charles Townsend Copeland '82. Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory emeritus and the late George Lyman Kittredge '82, Gurney Professor of English.

Perry will spend his birthday quickly, receiving a few close friends. His health remains good, and Perry's excellent vision permits him to read at least 200 or 300 pages a day.

Born in Williamstown, Perry attended Williams College. Following his graduation in 1881, he studied extensively abroad. Before coming to Harvard, Perry taught at Williams and Princeton and was editor of the Atlantic Montrly from 1899 to 1909.

He is the author of many books on American literature and in 1935 published his autobiography, "And Gladly Teach."