Why Girls Like Yale's Weekends Better Than Harvard Weekends

Paternalism is a smear word. Harvard doesn't pat its students on the head, doesn't outfit their play pens, doesn't sit down with them for fatherly advice. But a Yale student might mix an incisive metaphor and say this; in trying to avoid paternalism, Harvard leans over backwards so far that it falls flat on its face.

Yale is no student-pamperer either, he would say. It simply realizes that the student has been taken from his home and needs a new social outlet. The most healthy outlet is Yale college, and there's no reason to curb it.

Unlike Michigan, Yale doesn't build an orchestrated night club and an informal cabaret for its charges. Unlike Harvard, it doesn't shove students off to costly restaurants and local saloons as soon as the sun sets. Within the limits of decency and trust, it lets its students use the facilities of the college, which are better suited and which the students would rather use in the first place.

That's why Yale students have more fun on a weekend--like the one pictured here.