Two Masters Back Plan for House Deans

Finley, Perkins Agree; 3 Decline Comment

Endorsement of Dean Bender's recommendation that a system of House Deans replace Senior Tutors came from two Housemasters last night, while three others refused to comment, and two could not be reached.

John H. Finley, Jr. '25, Mater of Eliot House, was one of the signers of the Report on Advising at Harvard College, which was submitted to the Student Council Monday night. Finley called the planetary sensible."

Elliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell, endorsed the plan in principle, although is suggested that much work must be done on it to iron out a few details. Perkins commented, "The idea of increasing House functions in the College is very good, as is the proposed decentralization of the Dean's Office."

Three Housemasters, Mason Hammond '25, of Kirkland, Ronald M. Ferry '12, of Winthrop, and David M. Little '17, of Adams, would not comment. Leigh Hoadley of Leverett and Gordon M. Fair of Dunster could not be reached.

Meanwhile, Myron P. Gilmour, head inter of the History Department, joined three other department heads in criticizing the recommendation of the Bondor Report which would do away with individual tutorial in the College's five major departments.

The Advising Report recommended installation of House Deans partly on the grounds that there is now too much of concentration on University Hall for student advising and said that the new system would develop to the fullest the House "as a center of student life within the College."

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