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Radcliffe has ordered R. Deborah Labenow '51 to quit her post as Radcliffe Bureau Chief of the CRIMSON because "among other things" she wrote a story "not in the best interests of Radcliffe."

Charging that she cared more for news than for the College's good name, the Annex Board of Deans demanded that she cease all activities with the CRIMSON, and threatened to expell her if she fails to comply.

The CRIMSON accepted her resignation last night and appointed John J. Sack '51 to the vacancy. The decision to name a Harvard editor as Radcliffe Bureau Chief, was made, according to the executive board, "to avoid attempts by Radcliffe officials to exercise any censorship over news stories about the Annex; Radcliffe cannot threaten Sack with expulsion."

The CRIMSON's stand on Radcliffe's action is explained in an editorial on page two.

President Jordan and the Board of Deans took the action following CRIMSON publication on November 16 of a story in which Miss Labenow reported a discussion between Jordan and the Radcliffe Student Government about establishing a "Great Issues" course at the Annex like the one at Dartmouth.

Miss Labenow asked Jordan's office for information for the story, but Jordan was ill and declined to comment.

"Breach of Ethics"

Jordan charges that the information given Miss Labenow by members of the Student Government was inaccurate and that failure to clear the story with him constituted a breach of journalistic ethics.

Dean of Residence Mary C. Small stated that "Radcliffe students are answerable to their college" if they fail to check with the administration on any stories concerning official matters or policy.

Jordan and the Board of Deans would issue no official statement on the action.

Jordan and Small also ordered Miss Labenow to resign from the Radcliffe Press Board, a group consisting of Radcliffe students who cover the College for Boston papers.

Jordan and Miss Small charged Miss Labenow with violating a College rule by failing to clear a Boston Herald story on plans for a 'Cliffe Graduate Student Center.

According to Annex students and graduates who have been on the press board in the past three years, the publicity office "has consistently ignored the ruling," which requires press board members to clear all stories with the office before sending them to Boston papers.

Shortly after the Herald story, Joan Projansky '50, director of the office, told the press board that the ruling must be followed.

Yesterday afternoon she told the board that the rule would again not be enforced in the future.

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