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Neither strippers nor brass bands have yet appeared in the Freshman Smoker campaign at the Union, but 15 candidates are bidding for the spectator's eye, and vote, with mammoth posters depicting everything from Petty girls to babies.

One poster shows two giant young ladies, nude save for a white strip marked "censored," blaring out meaninglessly "Follies Bergere." Also a sheet painted with a new-type Shmoo, the "digger," hangs from the ceiling; and on one wall, dozens of babies pronounce the virtues of their candidate-choice.

Although no one has pulled any "live" stunts so far, the campaign still has a day to go. Voting is tomorrow. The quiet doesn't fool one Union porter, however. "These freshmen are smarter than most," he warned. "They'll wait for the right time, then, watch out!"

In past years, the yard police have often been called in to control the more boisterous campaigners and their constituents.

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