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Raccoons at Yale



In your "Yale Supplement" issue of November 25, 1950, on page one you have a photograph which is a prime illustration of how pictures can lie. The picture purports to show three Yalies dressed in raccoon coats, and hence to illustrate a fashion trend at Yale. One of these men is a stranger to me, but I am willing to be that he is no Yale man, because the two with he is shown are fellow Princeton '45 classmates of mine. The fellow in the middle is Jim Mills, and on the right stands Pete Throop. Both got their raccoon coats at Princeton long ago. Both graduated from Yale Law, class of '50. And a closer look at the third man, who is shown only side view, convinces me that he is Stu Carrothers, but has been frequently in these parts with Mills and Throop.

So where is your Yale style trend? I haven't met a Yale man here with a raccoon coat. The real party boys are still at Princeton, and my impressions of tight weekend rules at Yale and Harvard still goes. You haven't seen anything till you have seen a Princeton weekend. Of course, my remarks do not apply to Yale Law--any grad schools is wide open all weekend long on parties. Warren W. Eginton   Princeton '45   Yale Law '51

The picture is from the files of the Yale News Office, and is labelled "Three Yale Men."

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