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Police Chief John R. King yesterday alerted his entire force for the annual winter campaign against all-night parkers. Local police will receive the University's cooperation in the now drive which will start officially at 2 a.m. Thursday.

According to the instructions road at police roll call last night the immediate cause of King's announcement was complaints from Cambridge residents, but also listed as important considerations are fire hazards and snow removal.

Under "Instruction 48,"". . . foot patrolmen, patrol car officers and sorgeants on patrol duty will tag all cars parked in violation of the City Ordinance and continue to tag these cars until they are driven from the streets."

City Ordinance Prohibits

The City Ordinance prohibits the parking of any vehicle, other than one used for emergency purposes, on any Cambridge public street between 2 and 6 a.m.

In line with the new system of Police-University cooperation, out-of-state cars tagged in the University area will be checked with the University registration lists. If the student does not respond to the tagging, he will receive a summons through the mail, and the car will be towed away. The car may be recovered by paying the towing charges to the garage the police choose.

Violators will suffer progressively larger fines, starting witha warning, one dollar, two dollars and three dollars for the fourth and each succeeding ticket.

Fines are only scheduled throughout the academic year, however, and all tickets accumulated before January 1, 1951 will be scrapped by the chief, enabling students to start fresh after vacation.

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