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Last year abut this time the CRIMSON printed the story of an election squabble in the Debate Council. Several people who at that time castigated the "lone" member of the Council for publicly airing a private difference, yesterday broke into print with their own letter reopening the matter.

They protested several purported errors of fact in last Friday's CRIMSON article on the Council. Perhaps they discerned a slur on the Council's achievement during Mr. Zurier's term; they specifically objected to the use of the word "purge" in connection with the results of last February's elections; and they asserted that the vote of confidence which Mr. Zurier received at that time was a fairer index of the Council's sentiment.

Mr. Zurier's administration did receive a vote of confidence, 281 with 9 abstentions. This might even be considered less than the endorsement its achievements merited. Under Mr. Zurier's administration and endowment fund was begun, and 35 out of 73 debates were won. But it is also true that the Council has flourished in Mr. Becker's tenure, with $1000 added to the fund, 55 out of 88 debates won last spring alone, and the Ivy League and Eastern Regional Championships brought to Cambridge, both for the first time in the Council's history. Neither administration need apologize for its achievements.

The chief matters of dispute were the election of a new executive council, and whether Mr. Zurier's administration had unconstitutionally attempted to select its successors. The latter question was never finally settled. In the subsequent voting the administration's candidate for the presidency was defeated by Mr. Becker, 19-16.

We do not understand why Mr. Hinerfeld, one of the signors of the protest, objects now to the use of the word "purge." True, there was no "purge." But Mr. Hinerfeld was especially assigned by the President of the Council to review the article before publication.

It would be nice if the year-old matter were now considered closed by all former partisans. Time will heal their wounds, fancied or otherwise. Richard W. Hulbert '51   Richard S. Stewart '51

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