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Silly Question



To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Here at the Naval Academy a very quaint system known as the "plebe system" is effect. Under such a system upperclassmen have the privilege of asking plebes, or freshmen, silly questions. I am a plebe, and I have just been asked a silly question which I believe you may be able to answer for me.

The question is: Between the year of 1860 and 1870 a gentleman visited Harvard drawn by a horse. The horse suffered some Ill effect and became unable to draw the carriage. Showing their spirit, several Harvard men took up the carriage shafts and thus enabled the visitor to continue and conclude his tour of the Harvard Yard. What was the man's name?

I realize the prodigious effort which will be required to locate the answer to my question, but even if an answer is not forthcoming, please acknowledge your receipt of my letter in some way. Upperclassmen must be satisfied!

As I was a constant of your paper during the academic year 1948-49, I want to congratulate you on an excellent college newspaper. U hope that at some time in the future I may once again acquire the morning habit of bending over the doorstep to pick up the Crimson. W. H. Purdum

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