Student Council's Self Examination Committee to Report Next Monday

The Student Council's "Committee for Self Evaluation" will report Monday on what it considers the proper function of the Council in a number of different fields in the College.

Under Walter B. Raushenbush '50 and Charles R. Brynteson '50 the committee began last November 17 to determine what exactly the Council should do and how it should be organized to do it.

The Self Evaluation report will consist of seven subcommittee chapters. Four will cover the Council's relations with the College administration, the Houses, semi-public corporations (such as Phillips Brooks House, Class Committees, and Salzburg Seminar), and Freshman affairs. The other three parts will be on Council committees, elections and membership, and public relations.

The heads of the subcommittees which prepared these sections are C. Leonard Gordon '51, Bruce Harriman '50, Albert M. Goodloe, Jr. '50, Richard W. Kimball '50, John R. Carnahan '50, John T. Hazel '51, and John R. W. Small '51, respectively.

The complete text of the first "Self-Evaluation" report, which covers "The Council and the College Administration," appears on page four of this issue.