Kirkland 'A' League Lead Increases As Dunster Defeats Dudley, 40-37

Standings in the House Basketball "A" League remained unchanged after yesterday's games, with Kirkland resting more securely in first place because of Dudley's loss to the fourth-place Dunster quintet.

The Funsters beat Dudley, 40 to 37, in a game that didn't get exciting until the closing minutes. Trailing 16 points at the half, the Commuters turned it on to come within one point of tying the game a minute before the final whistle. Dave Warden scored 18 points for the winners.

Win in "B"

In the "B" League the Dudley team did better, upsetting the first place Dunster five, 33 to 27. The Commuters are in last place. Leo Walko scored 15 points for the winners, who stayed in front all by virtue of an effective fast break.

Also in the "B" League, Adams took advantage of a porous Lowell defense to chalk up a close victory over the Bellboys.

The second-half Yard basketball championship will be decided tomorrow when Thayer South, American League winners, meets Matthews South, National League champion, in the Indoor Athletic Building, at 5 p.m. The winner of this game will play Matthews North, first-half titlist, for the Yard championship on Wednesday.