Rotch Building, Old Observatory, Will Be Torn Down This Summer

Rotch Building (above), home of the metallurgy department, and the old students' Astronomical Observatory will both be torn down this summer to clear the ground around the new Graduate Center.

The two buildings, located between Langdell Hall and Jarvis Street, were considered for demolition many years ago as maintenance costs are high.

Services of the observatory will be transferred to Byerly all at Radcliffe. It is not yet certain where the departments in Rotch will be moved.

Rotch, built in 1891, was originally called the Carey Athletic Building in honor of its donor, Henry R. Carey '88.

After athletics were largely transferred to Soldiers Field in 1898, the building was put to other uses and was renamed for Annie Rotch and her children, Edith and Arthur, contributors to the Lawrence Scientific School.