Future Annex Dormitory To Be Called Holmes Hall

Radcliffe's new dormitory will be named Holmes Hall, and will be built on the site of Trowbridge House, Annex business manager Richard W. Thorpe disclosed yesterday. The announcement was made at a meeting of the zoning section of the Cambridge Board of Appeals.

Architects will convene today to draw up plans for the hall, which forms the second and third side of a new quadrangle started by Moors. Holmes Hall will use Moors' large central kitchen, and the two dormitories will share a common heating system.

Music Emphasized

Designed especially to advance music facilities in the quadrangle, Holmes Hall will include additional practice rooms, and a living room in which small concerts can be given. The Annex's musical collection, now located in the Yard library, will be moved to the new dorm.

Holmes Hall will house 100 to 120 students in modern doubles. With the addition of this dormitory room, all local students who wish to live at Radcliffe may do so, which will enlarge the number of students in residence at the college to 85 percent of the total enrollment.

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