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A contingent of mice in the radiators, cracks, and windows of Radcliffe dormitories is terrorizing a large part of the student population, an informal report revealed yesterday.

"I've been forced to evacuate my room," one Briggs Hall sophomore told the CRIMSON. "I turned on my light at 2 a.m. to investigate a scratching sound, and a mouse was sitting on the radiator looking meaningfully at the bed."

In another Briggs room, a mouse climbs up and down the window curtain at will, taking tinsel from a plant pot for its nest. "We're afraid its pregnant," stated the occupants.

Oh, Rats

Briggs has had a "pet mouse" for several months, who roams about the first floor inspecting the "callers' nooks." Rumor has it that the animal lives in the sofa, but no one has ever checked to make sure.

"A mouse lives in our closet and eats our snack food," a Bortram Hall girl remarked. "It had a feast when we left a jar of cheese on the floor, but now we are plotting its murder."

Even Moors, newly-built and presumably safe from vermin, is not mouse-tight. "A mouse is a mouse anywhere," said a girl who found one behind a radiator, "but at least Moors Hall mice are clean and innocuous."

Girls Eat Stray Food

Steps are being taken to control the menace at the 'Cliffe. Girls are warned to eat up their stray food to guarantee against unwelcome visitors, and a powder is being distributed that causes mice to go into the walls and die.

Even this system has its drawbacks; as one girl said, "If the mice die in the rooms, we'll have to carry them out. It they go back into the walls, they will smell forever after. Which is worse?"

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