150-1b. Crew Boasts 7 Veterans; Prepares for 1st Race, April 29

Lining Them Up

"Varsity fifties? They're about an average boat," Bert Haines, coach of the 150 pound crews, says casually. But observers around Nowell Boathouse call them the smoothest crews on the Charles.

With seven veterans returning from last year's first eight plus most of last year's champion freshman crew, Haines has a wide field to choose from. He has tentatively listed his first boat for the opening race with M.II.T. on April 29, but is still undecided as to the second boat.

Austie Flagg, stroke of the '52 first boat, is stroking the varsity this year, with veteran Tod Barrett in the seven seat. Ted House at six, John Morgan at five, and Frank Benson at four are all sophomores who rowed for Haines last season. Byrno Marston is in the number three slide, and veterans Bob Menslago and Sam Aiken hold down the same positions, two and bow, that they rowed last year. Bill Chadwick is the cox.


Jerry Wells, Sutton Potter, Dick Grosvenor, and Johnny Bordman, all members of the 1949 varsity eight, are pressing the first boat for their seats.

Haines will not commit himself on his "second" and "third" boats, but calls them "just two other crews." He does not plan to name the junior varsity eight until after time trials late this week.


Second Beatings

Wells strokes one of the boats, with Walt Lundergan rowing seven, Bill Murdoch six, Barry Decker five, Julian Roosevelt four, Potter three, John Beggs two, and Gene McDonough bow. Joe Gordon Coxes this eight.

Bob St. George strokes the other "second" boat. Lyndy Watkins is at seven, and Grosvenor and Bordman are in the six and five seats, respectively. Stuart Flerlage rows four, Chick Abeles three, Abbott Lahti two, and Dick Gillies bow. Cahrley Osbourne is coxswain.