Rules Change Is Promised; Petitions Ask Council's End

Three Plans Offered

The Student Council last night voted unanimously to revise the rules relating to extra-curricular activities. Three different plans for formulating new rules were submitted at the Council's weekly meeting. All the proposals called for extensive simplification of the 33 page set of regulations submitted to the college for approval before vacation.

Of the three, the Council unanimously accepted a recommendation by William D. Mulholland, Jr. '50 to let a council committee chane the present set of rules in accordance with sentiment expressed at hearings on the regulations last week.

George J. Feency '50, president of Yearbook Publications, Inc., submitted another proposal on behalf of 21 college groups which consisted of six general rules.

N. Conant Webb, Jr. '49, president of Phillips Brooks House, presented a third choice which was essentially an edited version of the rules written by Frederic D. Houghteling '50 that are the subject of the current undergraduate controversy.

The crux of the regulations problem which the Council must solve, Mulholland, who heads the council's sub-committee on rules, said last night is whether college organizations are to be governed by a general or specific set of laws.

When Feeney asked the Council for immediate approval of his proposals, Mulholland declared that he would consider such an action an affront against himself and any organization which Feeney did not represent.

After he had submitted the 21 organizations six-rule program, Feeney said he expected that the group would continue its efforts for adoption of the six rules. Yesterday the following six organizations joined the group: Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Young Republican Club, Signet Society, Language Council, and Orchestra.