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Radcliffe students think their new library book check system is inefficient and annoying, a survey of girls using the library in the last two days revealed. The book check, which replaced the honor system, was instituted to stop book thefts.

"Anyone who wants to steal books still can," stated Jauet MacNeil '53. "Two of the three library entrances are left unguarded." Almost everyone felt that a semi-honor system is still in effect, since proctors do not carefully check off all of a student's books.

"The check is like a fly buzzing around your head," said Judith Robinson '52. "You don't like it, but after a while you get used to it." Other girls remarked that proctors put them on their guard and gave an atmosphere of discipline to the library.

The shift from 1 to 3 p.m. in the taking-out time for open reserve books drew many unfavorable comments. "I don't feel that leaving the books in the library for general use those extra two hours is worth the trouble we go through now to take them out," said Diana Kirchwey '53.

Student Council members have been inspecting books since the system went into effect. The library will accept other volunteers' offers to proctor later this week, and will press into service girls who return volumes late to the Fiske Room or who one the library working time for other offenses.

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