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University Employees Meet


The University's largest labor union revealed yesterday the new contract requests it will send to the University today.

Daniel G. Mulvihill, president of the University Employees Representative Association made the disclosure following a meeting of about 200 maids in Harvard Hall in which the maids decided to ask the University for a five-day week and a five percent wage increase in their new contract.

The meeting wound up sessions that have been held by all seven units of HUERA over the past few weeks. Present union contracts with the University expire June 30.

Joint Requests

The seven units join in asking for a change in the sick pay plan and longer vacations. Several alternate sick pay plans have been proposed by the union.

The foremost of these asks for ten weeks 'additional sick pay at $30 a week for employees who have been with the University for four years. The present plan provides a maximum of four weeks' full pay during the illness.

Under present contracts, employees who have been with the University for 15 years get three weeks' vacation with pay. Two-year employees get two weeks, and those who have worked six months get one week.

Longer Vacations

In its new contracts, the union asks that four week vacations be given to employees who have worked 20 years or more, and three weeks to those with 15 years' service.

Besides the sick leave and vacation increases, the Yard police ask for a five-day week to replace their present five and one-half day schedule and a pay raise of $100 a year.

The janitors are also asking for a five-day week, and a five percent hourly wage increase. Present janitors' pay is between 98 cents and $1.17 an hour.

Workers in the University Press are asking for a ten cent per hour increase and a 37 1/2 hour week, and Athletic Association employees want a 40-hour week with an increase of ten percent over the take-home pay they now receive for 44 hours.

Engineers, the union's highest paid members, and University groundskeepers request a pay increase of ten cents an hour.

At the maids' meeting, there was no mention of the Graduate Student Council's proposal to cut maid service next year in order to lower room rentals.

The Council's plan calls for only two cleanings a week in certain rooms in the graduate dormitories.

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