Truman Claims China Reds Send Needed Food Supplies to Russia; Bevin, Acheson Discuss Cold War

ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN, May 9--President Truman tonight accused the Communists of starving China to help feed Russia. In a move interpreted as a sign that this country will not soon recognize the Communist government of China, the President said the fate of the Chinese people is "tragic."

But he made it clear that the United States, working through American private agencies still in China, will do what it can to feed hungry people there, irrespective of their form of government.

The President's speech asserted the Chinese Communists have been "heartlessly" indifferent to the worst famine which has occurred in China in 100 years. Mr. Truman declared: "They have even sent to the Soviet Union food which is desperately needed by the Chinese people."

In one of the bluntest of a series of speeches on his tour of the West, the President said the United States recently has been "unable to be of any assistance at all to the people of China."