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A man's world is not really a man's world, at least as far as clothes are concerned. Who, after all, looks at men but women? Men, unlike the opposite sex, do not cater to other men in matters of dress; they dress to please themselves, or less frequently, to please the women in their lives.

Women gripe about the two types of men most commonly found in American colleges; the utter conformist, and the sloppy person who wants only comfort from his clothes. A less often seen man is the show-off. He will put anything on his back that he thinks will draw attention.

The conformist always looks like the man next to him. When in college, he dresses in grey flannels, tweed or seer-sucker jackets, and white bucks. His shirt is buttoned to the neck, and he would no more think of going without a tie than he would of wearing many-hued socks with a tailored suit.

Sloppy men dress in sweatshirts and jeans whenever they can get away with it. They roll up their trousers, unbutton their shirts, and wear the same clothes until someone, acting in the public interest, makes them change. In this manner, they unconsciously copy their feminine counterparts.

Everyone can recognize the show-off. He is found in clusters, and his natural habitat is the college campus. He enjoys the raccoon coat, the letter sweater, and the old rat-eaten loafers. A battered hat usually adorns his head, and his tie is better hidden than displayed, as it either depicts lewd scenes, or squirts water at unlucky admirers.

Men, in general, have more complaints than women about the opposite sex's clothes. This may be because women's fashions change every year while men can wear their favorite suit until it peals off in pieces.

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