Varsity Ten Bows to Indians, 11-8; Falters in Final Period

For forty minutes the varsity lacrosse team played a favored Dartmouth ten an even game Saturday, but a slight letdown in the last ten minutes was just enough to enable the Indians to snap an 8 to 8 tie and win their tenth consecutive victory over Harvard, 11 to 8. The game was played on the Business School Field before several hundred fans, the largest crowd of the season.

Making a comeback from last week's rout at Williamstown, the varsity ten kept the pressure on Dartmouth most of the game.

The varsity's surprising drive and playmaking seemed to be enough to score an upset. But with minutes left to play the 60-minute men on the attack and defense had played themselves out, and Coach Bruce Munro just didn't have the reserves who could check the Green's scoring sprint.

Attackman Ned Yost, playing his first game in two weeks, and Rick Hudner scored unassisted on fast corner shots to give the Crimson a 2 to 1 first period lead. Dartmouth, paced by Bob Funkhouser, Hammy Gates, and Joe Caldwell, was out front 6 to 3 in the third period. The losers chopped this lead, however, by scoring twice for every Green goal until the 8 to 8 tie was reached.

The summary:

First period: Caldwall D), 2:24; Yost, 7:22; Hudner, 13:53; Second period: Funkhouser (D), 0:42; Giegerich (D), 8:19; Post (Pilssner), 9:23; Fiertz (Gates) (D), 13:12; Third period: Lyon (Fiertz) (D), 0:12; Caldwell (Gates) (D), 3:40; Hudner (Waring), 3:54; Davis (Plissner) 4:49; Funkhouser (Caldwell) (D), 9:30; Birdsall (Davidson), 14:15; Fiertz (D), 14:35; Fourth period: Plissner (Graham), 1:26; Waring (Hudner), 3:50; Funkhouser (Gates) (D), 5:58; Caldwell (D), 6:19; Funkhouser (Lynch) (D), 14:39.