75 Percent of Freshmen To Be Accepted by Houses

Largest Acceptance Since War

Seventy five percent of the 880 members of the Class of 1953 who filed House applications will get notice of their acceptance tomorrow morning. Of the 25 percent who will not be accepted, 113 will get assignments to one of the outside dormitories L. Claverly, Apley, Dudley--and 100 will be placed on a waiting list to receive rooms in one of these dorms by next fall.

However, some 50 to 100 of the 213 not accepted by a House will get into one by September, according to Associate Dean Watson, who released the figures yesterday. Last year only 57 percent of the freshman class was accepted immediately by the Houses.

The waiting list is necessary, Watson said, because the size of the incoming freshman class can never be definitely fixed in advance. Therefore certain suites in the Outhouses have to be held in reserve so they can be changed from doubles to triples or from doubles to singles at the last minute. Watson emphasized, however, that all men on the waiting list will live in a College dormitory.

Almost All Upperclassmen

In addition almost all upperclassmen will be in Houses next term. Two hundred fifty-eight members of Houses applied for residencies in March and all but 30, most of whom had special reasons for not accepting their House assignment, were accepted. Twenty commuters, who want to live at the College for a year, will also be living in the outside dorms.


Dean Watson also announced that upperclassmen will no longer be assigned to live in Wiggles worth Hall. "The Yard is for freshmen," he said.