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Returning late from 1 a.m. dates, leaving the dormitories after 10 p.m., or "vestibuling" are only a few of the numerous offenses at Radcliffe resulting in social probation. While the penalty varies, it usually amounts to having to be in by 8 p.m. on one Saturday night.

Probably most offenses are committed in connection with dating. A common cold weather infraction is "vestibuling"; this consists of standing inside the door with your date instead of on the doorstep, where things are likely to get pretty chilly. And never try to push a 'Cliffedweller in the door late--especially more than once. Anything over a few minutes results in a warning. Three warnings means pro.

Honor System

Probation awaits those who forget either to sign in or, what's worse, forget to sign out in the first place. False registration is probably the most serious offense in that it directly violates the honor system. False registration consists in coming in late and falsifying the time in the sign-out books.

Ravenous 'Cliffedwellers who try to break into the padlocked iceboxes, avoiding detection by the nightwatchmen by hiding behind the kitchen equipment are flirting with pro, or at least a good tongue lashing.

Smoking in the rooms, or keeping alcoholic beverages any place in the dormitories is definitely out. Dorm residents take the rap for any offense that their overnight guests might commit. Making loud or unnatural noises during quiet hours and neglecting to wait on table or take bell duty about winds up the most common offenses leading to pro.

Then there are the easy ways to get it--by flunking gym or a couple of your courses. Anyone at the 'Cliffe who fails to pass her four-term gym requirement is ineligible for any undergraduate office, and can't get her degree until she does pass. As for two D's or even an E you just have to get used to going out only twice a week.

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