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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

A few morning ago I ran across the words "unprincipled", "irresponsible", "invidious", and "shibboleth" in your paper. I confess that I am not up to all these big words before breakfast, since I am a simple man, and especially since (as possible subsequent investigation by secret-agents Wyant and Poskanzer will bear out) I am only an English major. Yet the April 26th letter, by the individuals mentioned above, confuses me a little. Far from wishing to submerge myself in this blood-bath of fierce partystrife, I would merely like to tender timidly some thoughts which are in no way representative of anybody except possibly some other member of the great unwashed such as myself:

1.) The penetrating insight and formidable ratiocination, which are so characteristic of the student council, which was irrefutably realized when notices, in regard to Lowell House nominations, were posted on a Saturday ("the previous day") and a Sunday, days when the dining-hall is crawling with residents who have breathlessly waited for the week-end just so they could spend Saturday and Sunday doing nothing but eating delicious food at Lowell House.

2.) The detailed and elaborate wording, in contrast to the rest of the letter, of agents Poskanzer and Wyant, which conclusively establishes that "a committee was appointed, consisting, as required, of the student council members resident in the house, members of the house committee, and three members of the house not members of the house committee." All of whom, there can be no dobut, made special trips back to Lowell House so as not to possibly miss one week-end meal.

3.) The very faint qualm that, in a student council not as efficient, flawless, and unimpeachable as this one, the adjectival polysyllabicism might possibly adumbrate the latent pomposity which would seem to be inherent in the mind which is attracted to microcosmic politics.

These are the thoughts which ran through my head, but, of course, it was before breafast, and then, I am never the same before a good cup of my Lowell House coffee. I may not eat at the house this weekend, so I hope I will not be investigated. I shall try very hard to eat there more in the future. J. L. Barroll '49

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