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All communication between Stoughton Hall and the outside world was virtually out off recently when the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company removed two pay phones from the Yard dormitory.

Irate telephone officials reported "a long and continued abuse of phone facilities in the Yard." Stoughton occupants have become so successful at "pennyspinning" over the years that the company recently moved in a special "spin proof" phone.

When officials discovered a chart next to the new phones with check marks indicating the number of successful "penny" calls, the company removed the machines entirely. They were at a loss to explain the failure of their specially devised "spin-proof" shaft.

Occupants of the dorm also saved money by smashing the phone with baseball bats after hanging up. Unpredictable amounts of change would invariably return.

In recent years the most lucrative telephone racket has been to uncover the wires leading to the phone and touch a quarter to both wires simultaneously. One ex-freshman admitted making a free call to Boulder City, Nevada, by making contact with the quarter 25 times in rapid succession.

University officials last night denied a report that an air-lift was being planned to service the isolated dorm.

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